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What makes a great Facebook Ad for e-commerce brands.

Advertising the products you've worked so hard on to make a positive impact on people's lives is always exciting. But how can you stand out from the crowd with social media ads? Keep reading.

Let’s start with a few stats, shall we?

  • On average, users spend 2 hours and 30 minutes on social media per day. (

  • A million new social media users are “born” every day. (

  • Buying stuff is the 8th reason why users browse social media. (

With several hours spent per day per user and a strong growth, Social Media is one of the most valuable channels to gain exposure, engagement, traffic and sales from.

But what are the techniques to make users stop scrolling and start engaging with your brand?

Let’s find out together.

1. Advertise benefits, not just features.

During my time working for Apple, I remember having a manager closing each daily morning meetings by saying - “Guys, remember, we don’t sell features, we sell benefits!”. True story.

When buying a new laptop, if you are a novice user, you don’t really care if the processor is 3.1Ghz or 3.4Ghz (feature). You want a computer that is fast enough (benefit) for what you need to do. If the screen has less reflections (benefit), you just don’t buy it because the screen has that specific technology that reduces glares (feature).

Of course, some people are keen to know the features of your products but always start with why (

Below is a beautiful example from Apple. Besides a powerful tagline, note how they talk benefits before features for their new iPad Pro.

iPad Pro ad

Here is another example from Nike. No features are mentioned here, just the fact this shoe helps reduce injuries. What every runner wants.

Nike Twitter Ad

With people’s attention span close to 0 seconds, it is necessary to inspire them as quick as possible with your messaging.

Pro Tip 1:

Speak to your customers’ values and emotions for meaningful sales.

Pro Tip 2:

Not sure what to write? Add customer reviews to build brand trust immediately.

2. Up your ad relevancy with this simple technique.

Users click through ads including people more than any other type of creatives. Fact. Therefore including some human warmth to your creatives is crucial for guaranteed higher click-through-rate. A hand, an arm or an entire person will drive higher performance. After all, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and now Tiktok are social platforms so… be social.

Below is the result of a 1-week A/B test I ran for a brand I am currently working with:

Pro tip:

Targeting women? Include a woman in your ads.

Targeting men? You know the drill by now.

Small details make big differences.

3. Make the most of your headlines and Call-To-Actions.


Headlines are another component of your ads where you can express yourself and inspire your audience even more.

If your campaign goal is to raise brand awareness, you can reinforce your why with another impactful tagline.

Driving sales? Include an offer to entice potential customers to click through and place an order.

Call To Action:

Facebook provides up to 20 different Call-To-Action (CTAs) but really, Shop Now or Get Offer are obviously the most relevant ones for e-commerce brands. If you have an offer in place, use Get Offer instead of Shop Now to remind users that there is an actual offer after the ad click.

Pro Tip 1:

Not convinced by Facebook’s CTAs? Use your ad headline as a call to action.

Pro Tip 2:

Make your headlines stand out more with emojis.

Use 🚨 for a discount alert.

Use ⏰ for offers limited by time.

4. Use User-Generated-Content (UGC) videos.

Apologies to all graphic designers and photographers out there but organic content filmed with a mobile phone on the go converts more than highly produced videos. Why? Because UGC ads are powerful, they generate more engagement and build trust which helps for driving sales.

With their organic look and feel, they blend more within your potential customers’ feeds with more trustworthy creatives.

93% of consumers turn to user-generated content when making a purchasing decision.


Here are more reasons why you should use UGC ads:

  • You’ll save time

  • You’ll save money

  • You’ll gain users’ trust

  • Your brand will receive more engagement

  • You'll create more ambassadors, not just customers

Below is an A/B test I ran for the same brand shown in point 2 by testing UGC Stories Vs a stop-motion video using professional images.

Targeting your audience lower down the funnel with this type of content will reinforce the buying decision if they previously left your website without taking actions.

Pro Tip 1:

Always ask for authorisation before using a customer's content.

Pro Tip 2:

Your business is too new that you don't have any yet? Make the video yourself. It really takes less than an hour to record, tweak it and upload it to Facebook Business Manager.

5. Video, video, video.

Video content is king.

Videos drive brand association, engagement and generate more organic traffic and sales.

They capture attention and they give you a chance to quickly demonstrate your products in real life to your audience.

85% of consumers want to see more video content from brands.


I constantly test images VS videos and the outcome is always the same.

My recent test came out with 71% more engagement and 59% higher CTR attributed to a video ad against an image ad.

Video ad examples.

One great example below is Chilly's Bottles. Note how immersive the video is. It grabs attention instantly, and it tells exactly what this ad is all about within the first second.

Another great example by Allbirds. Simple, yet very efficient. Note how they mix benefits with features.

Lastly, a men's skincare brand called Lumin Skin that is killing it at the moment.

95% of their ads are videos showing the products being used and also testimonial videos of women saying how great the skin of their men look now.

Pro Tip:

82 % of viewers are being put off when a video is not optimised for their chosen screen orientation. Make sure that your video fits all devices and screen sizes. Record it in a way that you can use this video on stories, square format or 16:9 if you ever want to target your audience on Youtube.


All in all, it's about finding your potential customer's pain points and answering their questions or concerns with your product benefits or testimonials. Make them stop scrolling with impactful ads at each stage of the funnel for meaningful sales.

So, are you ready to win with Facebook Ads now?

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