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Kombucha for the positively obsessed.

Healthy plant-based protein snacks. That's what Vive is all about. 

Already established within the snack market, Vive was after a new digital strategy that would acquire new customers and retain them to build a community through organic post and paid ads.

Vive provides indulgent but healthy snacks with natural ingredients that consumers can understand.

Facebook Ads

Vive wasn't new to advertising on Facebook. However, there was a need to re-establish the brand online with more trustworthy and compelling content to acquire new customers at a lower cost. 

After analysing past performance, we defined Vive's audience and built a strategy to get new customers on board and keep them coming back with a set of creatives and enticing offers. 

To feed the top of the funnel audience, we promoted an offer that is affordable and quick to buy which proved itself ideal to acquire new customers. 

Increasing customer's average order value was our secondary goal. To achieve this, we designed a compelling offer to re-engage with past customers.

Vive has also the capability to produce a new flavour every month. This has been a great way to get even more people excited about the brand and push them to come back to purchase new flavours each month.

We collect valuable learnings every month which helps us to optimise and test new creatives to find new and profitable opportunities.

Details about performance not shared for business confidentiality.

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