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Forget everything you know about peanut butter.

When a market is saturated, all a brand has to do is to bring something disruptive to the table.

And that's exactly what Yumello did with its Salted Date Peanut Butter signature recipe that thousands of people are going crazy for in the UK. 

As an upcoming brand, acquiring new customers online was the number one priority. We started things off by analysing the current market, defining Yumello's ideal customers and how to best reach this newly defined audience with the most engaging content possible.

With the aim to provide the best first impression possible online, we focused on creating creatives that would display the product's texture to deliver a compelling user experience online.

Facebook Ads

To gain great visibility and acquire thousands of new customers overnight, advertising on Facebook was our best bet. And the results were pretty overwhelming from day one. 

Thanks to a well-thought strategy from top to bottom of the funnel, we've been able to promote the brand online with meaningful ads that resonate with peanut butter enthusiasts.

Based on on-going learnings, our creatives are being improved regularly to capture many more opportunities and grow the brand sustainably online. 


Client since October 2019.

Details about performance not shared for business confidentiality.

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